Look 1 – Just Another Day In Paradise

This look is perfect for work, a casual brunch date or when you want to dash in for takeout, but know that the cashier is a babe.


Start with #mPrincess Mineral Foundation. Using the #mPrincess Kabuki Brush, apply the powder over your entire face and neck in a circular motion. Once even, use the #mPrincess Kabuki Brush to brush #mPrincess Mineral Bronzer along your cheekbones, t-zone and neck. You can also lightly dust on your décolletage for an added glow!


Use #mPrincess Mineral Eyeshadow (we suggest Fairy Floss) to add just the right amount of shimmer to your eyes. Since this is a more natural look, apply the mineral eyeshadow dry with the #mPrincess Eyeshadow Brush. Once you’ve dusted your eyelid, use an #mPrincess Certified Organic Eyeliner on your lower lid. Finish the look with an #mPrincess Certified Organic Brow Liner by doing light pencil strokes starting at the bridge of your nose.  

Look 2 – Night Moves

Need to “knock em’ dead?” Here you go:


Since this look will most likely be worn when the sun goes down, feel free to apply your #mPrincess Mineral Foundation a little bit heavier. After all, you’ll need to be Instagram ready. Next, use the #mPrincess Mineral Blush to add some colour to your cheeks. You can either go in a circular motion or do a dramatic narrow swipe along your cheekbone to contour your face.


Starting with the #mPrincess Certified Organic Eyeliner, lightly line your top and lower lid. Next, use either After Dark or Titanium #mPrincess Mineral Eyeshadow (wet or dry). Begin by brushing over the eyeliner on your top lid, and lightening your application at the crease of your eye. Next, use Star Dust to blend from dark to light stopping right below your brow. Complete the look with the #mPrincess Brow Liner. Start by the bridge of your nose and gently stroke outwards. Repeat until you reach the desired darkness.  

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